Spring into mindful baking in 5 easy steps:

The season we have all been waiting for is finally here. 

In 2021 Spring Equinox is being celebrated on Saturday 20th March in the Northern Hemisphere. This means equal hours of day and night. What better time to set our intentions and sow our seeds for the year ahead? Here are five ways to bake your path into the longer and warmer days

STEP ONE: Prepare your baking zone

Spring clean and organise your kitchen, creating a positive space. Starting from the far left corner, work your way from top to bottom along your kitchen. Whilst you have the opportunity, consider the contents of your cupboards. Is half your kitchen full of items used only once a year, do you have three potato peelers? Use this time to donate any excess utensils or throw away items that no longer serve you. Clearing out stagnant energy will invite productivity and creativity into your kitchen

STEP TWO: Reach for your recipe

Whether your source of inspiration is your Instagram feed or your grandma’s recipe book, find a bake that you feel excited about. Remember that both nature and our bodies thrive on simplicity. Start with an easy to follow recipe to spark a connection to your inner baker. 

STEP THREE: Choose ingredients which are in season.

They say the tastiest ingredients are the ones in season and boy they are not wrong. Nourish your body with fresh and delicious spring produce such as: beetroot, pineapple, lemon and tangerines. Spring is the perfect opportunity to benefit from the short season of the fancy blood orange. Whisk that into your baking bowl and you will have a deliciously pink treat.

STEP FOUR: Pause… reflect… bake!

Whether you consciously practice mindfulness activities or not, baking can be a great opportunity to distract your mind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Be present and pay attention to the process, the ingredients and your thoughts, thinking about your year ahead.  Concentration here is key to your baking success, so pause for a moment and focus on the task at hand.

STEP FIVE: Treat time!

Time to share the enjoyment of your creation. As often told, naughty treats are best enjoyed in moderation. What better excuse to check in with a friend and spread the joy of spring than a piece of cake? Even in these lockdown days cake can always be posted 🙂