Five steps to wellbeing with The Crumbly Bakers

Wellness is the art of building healthy habits into your daily routine to improve both your physical and mental health. Focusing on your wellness activities will ensure that instead of just surviving you can be living your best life!

Step One

The internet is flooded with articles on wellness and ways of which to improve your physical and mental health so what is different about this article and The Crumbly Bakers? We are glad you ask because really this is an invitation rather than an article. We invite you to join The Crumbly Bakers community through which you can connect with like minded bakers, learn new skills and enjoy the hobby of baking.

The NHS suggests good relationships are important for your wellbeing. We at The Crumbly Bakers HQ could not agree more! We encourage you to share your bakes and queries across all our platforms – this very website, Facebook or Instagram, whichever suits you.

Although baking is our chosen form of wellness we know how important a simple chat can be, so please feel free to reach out to us if anything else in life is bothering you, we are here to listen and guide you as best we know how.

Step Two

Be physically active. Okay so we know the gym or a yoga ritual is not for everyone and we certainly have no judgement in this area but baking does get you up and moving. For one thing you need to source the ingredients – we encourage a walk to your local food shop for this to help get you in a positive state of mind for your baking session.

We also recommend a little yummy dance whilst your bakes are in the oven – a personal favourite tune of ours is Tina Turner, Proud Mary. Though we appreciate this is not always possible as an empty house is best for cracking out a routine to this number 😊

Step Three

Learn New Skills! Hello?! Baking is an endless learning journey! Whether you want to nail that chocolate drip cake or make sugar flowers from scratch we strive to provide you with all the inspiration you need.

The internet is as vast as our universe so if something catches your eye that you are struggling to achieve please let us know and we will try to provide step by step guides for you to achieve your dream bake.

Step Four

Give to Others. Well who is going to turn you away if you have cake?! As much as we love to bake we realise treats are best enjoyed in moderation as such we cannot endorse sharing your bakes enough – whether it be a lonely neighbour, family, friends or colleagues at work we encourage you to share your bakes.

Just like a problem shared is a problem halved… a calorie shared is a calorie halved! It also shares the Joy too. As an added bonus it is always nice to receive positive compliments from those around you.

Step Five

Being Mindful. Whether you practise mindfulness daily or think it’s a load of mumbo jumbo it can be helpful to take a moment from our busy lives and distract our minds. Baking is the perfect opportunity for this as it requires concentration and a calm environment. If you plan to ice your bakes then …well, that is a therapy session in itself!

We encourage you to sign up to our mailing list or follow us on social media where we can keep you up to date with inspiring baking activities – we won’t inundate you we promise! We hope that you enjoy being part of our community and we hope you will share your baking journey with us.