Decisions, decisions!

Sometimes it is impossible to choose just one in which case go for three…or four…or five…

I have detailed below some popular choices for you. If there is a particular flavour you wish to have please do ask, just because it isn’t listed doesn’t mean it is not possible.


Madagascan vanilla sponge layered with velvety vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam

Limoncello Lemon

Lemon zesty sponge layered with lemon curd and a limoncello buttercream

Coffee and walnut

Coffee sponge with chopped walnuts layered with a smooth coffee buttercream

Chocolate heaven

Chocolate sponge layered with chocolate ganache


Caramel sponge layered with Dulce de Leche caramel

Cookies and Cream

Chocolate sponge layered with Oreo cookie buttercream


Moist carrot cake layered with a vanilla and cinnamon buttercream

Gin and Elderflower

Elderflower sponge layered with a Gin buttercream

Pink Champagne

Beautiful pink Champagne sponge layered with raspberry conserve

Coconut and Passionfruit

Coconut sponge layered with passion fruit buttercream